that’s the way it goes…

Schluessel_final_webSemion Bazavlouk was born in St. Petersburg, USSR in 1984.

At the age of 5 he was confronted with music and stage for the first time, starting with piano and singing, and later on also playing guitar, bass guitar and some other instruments, for which he has developed a great passion during his career.

At the age of 9 Semion moved to Tel Aviv (Israel), where he spent almost 10 years of his life. This is also where he became passionate about capoeira, breakdancing and acrobatics. The combination of Semion’s musical and physical skills made him an all-round performer, which he of course made use of when he started his professional career in 2004 in Berlin, where he still lives today.

Changing countries two times made him pick up a couple of foreign languages on the way (Hebrew, English, German and French) not including Russian, which was his mother tongue. This made his job as an artist much easier, because Semion had to travel to many different countries, and speaking the language helped him getting around.

At one point, the issue of passing on his knowledge to other people became important to him as well, since there were so many, who were hungry for information about how to approach to acrobatics or to improve their technique. Semion spent a lot of time to figure out the different techniques of “air and floor” acrobatics aiming to avoid and prevent injuries, which may occur in case of “wrong training”.
Helping his students to find the right progression towards the different moves and to prepare them properly for the upcoming difficulties is one of the most important things in his opinion, to lead them to success.

“I am a full time artist and love my job, because it makes me and others happy!”

Semion Bazavlouk